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The Concours: Yes, we're serious


I woke up around 7:30am, and puttered around the apartment until 8:00am or so, at which point I woke up Sean and Rob. Rob was content to miss the concourse, so we swapped phone and pager numbers and headed out the door. Two hours later, we were pulling into the Brevard County Community College parking lots.

A Short Note About Florida DOT

Our way to Melbourne (and back), was hampered by a odd lack of signage on the highways we needed to take. Maps don't help all that much when the roads aren't marked. They trip there was elongated by only ten minutes or so, but the trip back was extended by about 45 when we missed an unmarked turn and ended up in a traffic jam near Disney. If I ever complain about the North Carolina DOT again, smack me.

The Most Beautiful Car in the World

It was dark the night before, and that prevented us from seeing the total range of the entries. I'm fairly certain ours was the most dumpy-looking, but judge for yourself from the pictures. Many people were going through last minute cleanings, polishings and adjustings. After the judges passed, Sean and I bolted to get some food and supplies for the rest of the day.

Did I mention it was raining off and on the whole time? That was the awful part. Since all we had was the Monza, we left a pile of stuff under a car cover and ducked in the car whenever the skies opened up. We ended up getting more and more damp as the day wore on. Both Sean's and my wallets got moldy as a result. Yuck.

The Slightly Damp Car

The 14 Second Minivan

Minivan Nitrous Power!

The Judges Talk to Sean

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