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The Lessons Learned: Patience, Perserverence, Positivity.


It takes a long time to drive down to Florida. A really long time. A really, really long time. A really, really, really, etc. long time. The staging area moves as fast as safely possible. The car will start again when it cools down. The rain will stop when its good and ready. They'll get here when they get here.


We're not out of the race yet. No, really, we're not. We can cobble this together and get it working well enough to pass tech. We don't need the auto transport, we can make it with a dolly. The car can be its own support vehicle, really. Whether it was dogged determination or bull-headed stubbornness, we figured out early that giving up wasn't an appealing option.


"I can't imagine why you guys aren't chewing those folks out." Faced with every single obstacle we didn't expect (short of the transmission blowing up and the tires falling off), Sean and I kept reminding ourselves "Hey, we've made it this far. No need to get angry." This tended to work better the later it got in the trip (which is why it worked at all I guess).

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