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The Car: 1975 Chevy Monza (California Edition)


Chevy Monza: even the name screams "quality automobile". Brought about as a follow on the the Vega, the 1975 edition of the Chevy Monza came with a 262 V8 stock; except in California, where the 262 wouldn't pass the ever stricter emissions standards. Chevy's solution? Replace the 262 with thier already compliant 350 V8. A star is born.

Their particular Monza came to Sean by way of his mom, who bought the car in (), got in two rear-end collisions (neither very damaging, to her or the car), and eventually gave the car to Sean in 1990. The car then served as a semi-daily driver unitl 1996, when Hurricane Fran decided to drop a brick chimney on it. Over the next few years, it because the "vehicle of last resort" in Sean's stable of conveyances.

When the challenge was announced; the Monza's unique combination of light weight, high power, low value, and immediate availability made it the perfect car to start with.

Challenge Modifications

This quick list of parts and associated labor covers all the modifications done to the Monza. It would have been nice to do some engine performance improvements, but I can't think of a single thing I'd have given up in return for more power.

Work Completed           Parts         Est Labor (hrs)
Rear shocks               33.90         1
Grease Seals               3.78         1
Brake Hoses               62.33         1
Bushings                  48.55         3
Sway bar end links         9.99         1
Paint                     21.22         5
Brake Parts                2.49
Lower Ball Joints         57.98         1
Upper Ball Joints         25.98         1
Tie Rod Ends              39.98         2
Brake Fluid                6.99         2
Front shocks              39.98         2
********************     342.06
tax total *************  362.58
Tires                    360.00 (wholesale)
Tire Mount/Balence        60.00         1(leaked)
Rotors                    79.98         2
Calipers                  59.98         2
Hdwr                      12.99         
Semi Metalic shoes        29.99         2
Bearings                  47.96         2
Rear Shoes                13.99         2
Rear Hdwr                  8.99
Rear adjusters            17.98      
Master Cylinder           21.19         2
Sway Bars                100.00         3
Diet Coke                  1.39         2
Rust evil                  3.99         1
Plate Steel               18.00        12
Car value (before)       250.00
Total Parts             1449.01         
Total Labor ($20/hr)                   51
Claim Value             2469.01
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