"You Did What?"

Ever get an earring?

In 2001 around 80% of women in the US had peirced ears, and almost a quarter of the US population had tattoos. What does this mean for you? The majority of the United States' population has modified their body in some way. A decade before that study, I got my nipple pierced. At the time, there was one dude in Raleigh doing it, and he made house calls because he had no office. Now, in Raleigh in 2009, there are at least three places to get piercings, and double that for tattoos.

I guess with a few piercings and a tattoo, I'm not that special anymore. That's ok, though, I'm cool with that. I'll show them to you if you ask nicely. If you want to see pictures (some not safe for work), go here.

I have thought about getting a brand (yes, a BRAND) made from runes. No, not the new-age twaddle of "this rune means the fire sprit", but the actual alphabet of the Norse people. However, this sort of thing is apparently popular with the (surprise!) White Supremicist crowd; who routinely taint all celebration of Nordic heritage. So between the New Agers and the Neo-Nazis I'm pretty much screwed. Yay.