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I'm a tragic computer geek. I run Linux on everything I can get my hands on, but I cured myself of owning antique computer equipment quite some time ago. Some of the things I have owned (and run) include an Amiga 500 (and a 2000 or two!), a Commodore 64, a Sage IV, a SparcStation IPX, among others I've forgotten or not ever run anything on. If I do want to run any old code I use various software emulators.

I was using SMP machines before it was routine. I have a MythTV setup which I use to break the law simply by watching DVDs on it. I write HTML directly in vi. I still generally prefer the command line style of computing. I'm hooked on Perl. In between various real jobs, I implemented the Cinematronics microprocessor in Verilog (code available upon request).