Jason and Sean's (and Rob's and (other) Sean's) Racing Adventure.

On the weekend of September the 24-26, 1999. Sean Korb and Jason Sullivan embarked on a journey that was to change both their lives forever...

Ok, so it wasn't quite like that.

Sean had been trying to turn me on to a little magazine called Grassroots Motorsports for a while, talking to me about their rotary engined spitfire project. This fall, he told me about the $1500 Challenge, an endeavor designed to prove (once and for all), that it doesn't take a lot of initial capital to put together a semi-respectable racing automobile. Sean was planning on fielding his Monza.

I immediately begged to help

What you see at your right are the results of lots of hard work from Sean, some hard work from me, invaluable assistance from Rob and (other) Sean, and too much luck (both kinds) to be coincidental. Click on any link, or just start here. Some of these pages contain images, but in most cases, they're thumbnails.

Jason M. Sullivan